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Aluminium Sheets
Aluminium Sheets are easy to use, long-lasting, and economic to work with. They have numerous roofing, cladding, installation and construction applications. The sheets have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Also, they are corrosion-resistant in all conditions. The sheets are easy to maintain as well as clean.
Aluminium Sheet Coil
Aluminium Coils are a common material with numerous uses and advantages. They show good forming performance, medium strength and high corrosion resistance. They are used to make oil tank, oil pipe, vehicles' parts, instrument, electrical enclosure, metal products, etc. Aluminum metal coils are ideal for architectural decoration because of good corrosion resistance, process performance & sufficient strength.
Aluminium Plate
We offer aluminium plate in several thicknesses and grades. It is a very popular alloy, and has diverse applications. It has numerous DIY and commercial uses. Aluminium Plates are typically used for vehicle bodies, building construction, rail cars, shipbuilding, consumer durables, electrical & electronics, industrial machinery, etc.
Aluminium Product
We are offering a series of aluminum products that have assorted uses. Some application areas of these products are fixtures, foam molding, lost wax mold and paper and plastic molding.
Aluminium Bars
We are supplying a wide range of aluminum bars, which have wide applications. Some of the processes and industries where these bars are used include mold processing, aerospace industry, blow molding (bottle) mold and others.
Aluminium Sections
Aluminum Extrusion Sections are made from high grade alloy metal and electroplated with sliver metal. These are designed in various shapes, sizes and styles as well as can be customized as per requirement of the customers.
Aluminum Insulation Sheets
We are offering insulation sheets which are made using thermocol. Offered in rectangular shape, these sheets are white in color. Customers can acquire this in the thickness range of 4 to 18 mm.
Aluminium Insulation Material
Achieve desired insulation and thermal resistance using our aluminium composite panels. As these panels act as insulators, they do not allow heat, cold, or sound to pass through them. This results in comfort, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.